The original Podium online magazine was launched in 1998. It was the result of a lunchtime conversation between Raywat Deonandan and Edmund Wong. While it has evolved into being primarily a repository for Dr Deonandan’s archived writings –including his ill-advised brief stint as a commentator on professional wrestling (no, really)– The Podium is nonetheless primarily an instrument for the promotion of free speech. So if you’d like to submit an article, please contact us.

Over the years, the site has gone through a number of changes. Migrating from an HTML format to a blog format has produced a great many formatting issues, so please be patient as the bugs are worked through.

Commenting has been disabled on all articles.  We are fully aware that many of the ideas put forward are old and out of date.  That’s what you get when you update an old and out of date website!  If you have something important to say about any of the articles, please feel free to contact us directly.

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Please note: The Podium is a forum for free expression.  Therefore the opinions expressed by any one writer shall not be considered the opinions or positions of other writers on this site, nor of the site’s owners or founders.  Furthermore, all copyrights are retained by the authors of their respective articles.

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