Why Feminism is Evil by Andrew Hui

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Why Feminism is Evil

by Andrew Hui
Feb. 10, 2000

A version of this article first appeared on Andrew Hui’s website on Nov. 27, 1996

Here is my anti-feminism rant that you have all been:

  • eagerly
  • nervously
  • curiously
  • not


Feminism is evil. Now before any of you brand me an ignorant male chauvinist pig, read on to understand my arguments. But first my thesis: present day feminism is an antiquated belief who’s leaders consists of those women who have failed in life, and who require someone to blame for their failure. It is an ideology that promotes discrimination, restricts the freedom of women, and supports a fallacious belief in an aspect of society that exists on such a minute scale that it is no longer relevant.

First, what is a feminist? Feminists are women who believe that the female gender is superior to the male gender. Now, I know some of you who are reading this are saying, “What a fool, he has no idea what feminism is. Feminism is about achieving equality for both genders.” Well, I submit that those who are thinking, saying, yelling, cursing this in fact do not know what feminism is.

The gender equality ideal belongs to a philosophy which I have dubbed, “Egalitarianism”. Like the name suggests, this philosophy believes that all human beings are created equal, and that it is wrong and foolish to discriminate with respect to gender, race, religious/political beliefs, sexual preference, etc.

So in fact, most “feminists” are indeed egalitarians. But don’t tell the core feminists that. They know this is true, but how else would they give the impression that their political and social minority is a significant force? So, feminists are those who believe in the superiority of the female gender, while egalitarians believe in the equality of all human beings with respect to each other.

Now that that little issue is clear, let me proceed to explain why feminism is so bad.

Feminism promotes discrimination. For the simple fact that feminists believe that women are superior to men, it becomes clear that they are biased against men. They believe that, because women are superior to men, they should be granted special rights. For example, hiring quotas. Just because there are more men in some fields than women, it is immediately assumed that women are being discriminated against and therefore must be given a more equal opportunity for jobs. Well, this “more equal opportunity” has manifested itself as affirmative action. Well let me just tell you this: quotas are nothing more than legalized discrimination. By the very nature of a quota, some people are excluded with respect to their physical attributes, while others are not. This is called DISCRIMINATION. Since feminism supports quotas, it supports discrimination.

Just as a note, I don’t understand why anyone would want to play the “minority card” when getting employment. But, then again, maybe they aren’t good enough for the position in the first place, so they need to use this dirty trick.

Also, quotas are no good for all parties involved. People who get in via quota lack legitimacy. (i.e. “You only got in because of the quota.”) This creates unnecessary tension between rival groups, which, in the long run, can bolster the forces of discrimination. So this is another way that feminism promotes discrimination. Also, this inevitable situation will hurt those “minorities” who got in without the quotas. Although they are competent, they will be regarded as just another beneficiary of the quotas.

Feminism restricts the freedom of women to choose their own way of life. Unfortunately, many women who currently choose to stay home with the children are seen as opponents to women’s rights. They are viewed with contempt and seen as inferior to those women who choose a career. I know this because of a certain eavesdropping operation on a group of unsuspecting women.

This attitude that women who stay home are inferior to those who choose a career is just wrong. First of all, it is none of anyone’s business whether or not a woman chooses to stay home or not. Secondly, maintaining house and family is an extremely tedious and difficult job definitely not for the weak of heart.

So, as I have shown, feminism limits the choices of women to determine their own destiny.

Feminism creates the false impression that women are a disadvantaged group and therefore implants a “Oh well, who cares, I’m not supposed to succeed” (defeatist) attitude in women.

By continuously spouting their “Boo hoo, women are the victims” propaganda, feminists have created a situation in which young women are taught that they are the underdogs and are not very likely to succeed. The same thing happens to many African Americans (especially those from low income families) in the USA. They were constantly told that they are victims, and now believe it. The result has been the propagation of despair: the idea that there is no use trying because you won’t succeed. (This attitude is reflected in most of Spike Lee’s films.) Feminists have consciously or subconsciously –it doesn’t really matter which– created the same idea for women.

Well, let me just say that this is just wrong. Women are not at a disadvantage. Discrimination died in the late 80’s and early 90’s; well, it has diminished to the status of a “non-factor”. The irresponsible propagation of this idea is not only deceiving, but threatens to reduce women’s hopes and aspirations to rubble.

Feminism is an outdated belief of the past. Like I said before, discrimination is a non-factor now. Diehard feminists are using the victim card to simply further their personal and political gains.

Women would not rule the world better than men. Let there be no doubt, women are just as violent as men. They always have been and they always will be. Just see the matriarchal tribes of Africa and the rise in female crime for proof. Women and men are equal and neither would rule the world better than the other.

So basically, to sum it all up:

There are fewer feminists than you might think. Most people are egalitarians.
Feminism is a retroactive philosophy which serves to stagnate the process of final equalization between men and women.
Feminism is a self-serving, discriminatory action that has potential to be one of the great “isms”.

So long live light of egalitarian rule. Down with the darkness that calls itself feminism.

Andrew Hui is a 4th year Commerce student at the University of Toronto. In the future, he hopes to be one of those annoyingly young and rich owners of a dot.com business. In the meanwhile, he enjoys writing controversial and revealing rants, and sharing them with his friends in an effort to spur some intellectual or, in many cases, pseudo-intellectual discussion about a variety of topics. His objective with the rants is not to engage in serious discussion, but to spur thought and encourage people to frame their ideas and opinions in writing. His personal website may be found here.