Letter from Zoogy – Sep/2000



A letter from “The Lone Zoogy”
September, 2000

Hello, I just stumbled upon your article addressing the now-always-referenced Columbine massacre/trenchcoat issue, and I must say that I wholly agree with you.

I myself have liked trenchcoats (especially black, since they look so much better) well BEFORE the incident, but it’s still considered a “bad thing” to wear, even after more than a year since the shooting. A few months ago I wore one to school, and went through about a dozen or so comments like “Hey, Mr. Columbine” or “Look! It’s the trenchcoat mafia!”.

Probably what I find most interesting about the subject is that the two individuals who killed the students were NOT affiliated with the Trenchcoat Mafia (which isn’t even a violent group), but instead just decided to wear long coats which could conceal weaponry. This is certainly NOT the first time this has happened! There have been several cases in movies and in real life where people have used trenchcoats to conceal a variety of things, yet we choose to bring it up now. It’s disgusting that, as we now approach the year and a half anniversary, we still can’t give up this hatred against a fashion statement. To cite an example, www.trenchcoat.com, a site simply for selling the coats, was banned after the incident. The person who ran it took it down, but he did leave all the hate mail or “join applications” that he received.

Truly terrifying how ignorant people can be.

Well, sorry if that was a long spiel. I just really did agree with you.

The Zoogy
Somewhere in California